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Kustom Worx Garage

Customizing simply to the point

Building a Custombike is no rocketsience, its just a question of informations, planning, taste, time and rescourches. Back to the word and the idea, customizing means to make something out of that what you found. It means not to kick 80% of a bike into the garbage and the hardest piece of work that follows, will be to fill out the orderform at your local Cats´n Chrome Dealer. Okay the Customindustry is just going to the dogs and pray daily for your money, but  maybe its time to support your local craftmans and speedshop. Okay, okay, here is the way out: not everybody have the time, skills and possebilities to work on the own bike, we all know and understand that. We see us, have all time good roads and please do not continue reading. But out there are also other guys, they chopped when they were 15 for the first time the fenders of the 50 or 80 cc Moped, they know that they can do it, but job, time, family, career and hundered other more important facts hold them away from the workbench. Guys its time, we like to see your bikes!  Real customizing is first of all one thing, it is cheap. Cheap because it use existing resourches and could be one of our answers on all the talking about crises and the end of our good life. Oldschool, used Look -boys that stuff in your barn gettin now stylish. So lets do it, an Yamaha XS 650, an old Bonnie or an Ironhead Sportster, a base for a cool project is easy to find at the local newspaper or over the net. Sure some of your friends have bikes like that standing, waiting for the right box of beer at the right moment.... Kustom Worx Garage is no easy-to-do-it-by-yourself internetguiding how to build a cool bike. The idea is to share some of my experiences and to give some input how to plan and realize a bike with unique parts and solutions. That this is in the end also (mostly) happen on a low budget is welcome, but this is not the essetial. If you like to equipp your classic superbike with a battery of finest flatsliders and you have the money for it, -fine!  We will enjoy to see you with these on the road or track.


Kustom Worx Garage Vol 1

First steps, planning a new Customproject >>>

Kustom Worx Garage Vol 1

Kustom Worx Garage Vol 2

Swingarmtuning, from buh! to huh! >>>

Kustom Worx Garage Vol 2


Kustom Worx Garage Vol 3

In black we trust, how to get color on the motor  >>>

Kustom Worx Garage Vol 3