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WILBERS Stötdämpare






2018-12-03 Customizing and Racing frames for Buell and HD Sportster engines constructed and manufactured  by NCCR in Delsbo. Made from Swedish SSAB Docol Tube R8  and also in Docol sheetmetal. Learn more >>>


2018-05-26 Meet us at the 2018 Custombikeshow in Norrtälje. Europes greatest event for Custombikes, organised by Norrtelje Twin Club now for 44 years with  cool bikes, great musikc and good people Link >>>

Sachse täntning sytem

2018-01-27 Ignition trouble? Get rid of points and bad CDI boxes!
Now you find in our webshop a wide range of “Made in Germany” ignition systems for old- and youngtimer.
All info and available models >>>


2018-01-02 Find more than 28.000 Customizing, Tuning and Serviceparts in NCCR´s second webshop. Topbrands like Highsider, Shin Yo, IXIL, LSL, Motogadget, TRW, Ferodo,and europes biggest assortment of e-marked lighting equipment, like frontt lamps, blinkers, taillaights etc. Learn more at:

God Jul och ett Gott Nytt År 2018

2017-12-28 God Jul! Frohe Weihnachten, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018 to all our friends and customer worldwide.Great new stuff will come up next year, so stay all tuned, 2018 will be great.

Nya styrändsspeglar med blinker

2016-09-03 Our new Mirrors with integrated LED blinkers! Both, blinkers and mirror are roadlegal approved with e-mark. Can be mounted right or left side, pointing up- or downwards. Att. of course you need a pair to have blinkers on both sides. Info in the webshop >>>

Norrtalje 2016

2016-05-27 Meet us at  2016 Custombikeshow at Norrtälje. Skandinavias Nr. 1 event for Custombikes. Organized of Norrtelje Twin Club , this year for the 42th time, cool bikes, music and people. Link >>>

EBR Parts & Support Europe

2016-05-27 From summer 2016 on, NCCR overtook the sales of EBR parts in Europe and will be in charge for the support of the EBR owners.


2016-04-27 We  listed a number of new parts in our webshop, like the traditional plate bracket and Enduro style frontlights with with stoneguard.


2016-03-19 Black is the new Chrome. We got several nexhaust styles in flat black, even slash vut style and with chrom cap.


2016-02-23 Now we got a bunch of new Caféracer seats for universal fitment , but even an special shaped version what fits the Ducati Monster.


2016-01-17 New “Race style” Caféracers exhausts, 7 different shapes.

God Jul!

2015-12-24 Merry Christmas and a happy new year from team NCCR teamet, Birgit,
Julia, Pär och Jens.

Thanks for a great 2015 . See you in the new year!


Meet us at 2015 Mälaren Runat “Motorbanan Gröndal” outside Eskilstuna on the 15th of  August. This year it is the 30th anniversary of that great  motorevet. Welcome!

Andreani Cartridge Kits

2015-02-08 Now offers NCCR Andreani Cartridge Kits and forkltuning for modern Classics, Tourers and many more. You find Cartridge kits even for Triumph Bonneville, Harley Dyna, Kawasaki W 800, Moto-Guzzi V7, Ducati GT 1000 Sport Classic and many european and japanese bikes. If you like to start into the season with a full adjustable, well working front suspension read more here >>>

God Jul!

2014-12-23 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015 to our friends and customers.
Have a great kick`starting new year >>>

Träffa oss i Stockholm Hard rock Cafe

2014-10-26 Erik Buell Racing motorcycles in Stockholm. Meet us and have a look on the new EBR 1190 RX and SX what will be on display at Hard Rock Cafe in Stockholm. We will have some interesting special offers as well in November. See you on the 12th of November in Stockholm, from 11:30-23:00. Welcome! More infos always updated at  facebook >>>

CCM Motorcycles

2014-10-12 NCCR is the first dealer in Sweden for CCM Motorcycles made in England. We are working on the swedish Web- and Facebook site what will be launched soon. The price of the CCM GP-450 Adventure is setted on 104500kr, if you order now, you can have yours in february 2015.


2014-09-29 Wilbers celebrates Oktoberfest with special offers, 10% off on all Wilbers products. Shocks, forksprings, steering damper, ESA & WESA System, save 10% when ordering your Wilbers suspension components between 1. -30. October 2014. contact us: eMail Tel. 0653-41050

EBR 1190 RX action

2014-08-28 From August 2014 on you can buy EBR -Erik Buell Racing- motorcycles also in Sweden. NCCR in Delsbo is the first dealer for the  EBR 1190SX Superfighter and the EBR 1190RX Superbike in the North. EBR 1190R price is 159.000kr and for the  EBR 1190SX 129.000kr. Both bikes have 185hp, comes with an 20x adjustable traction control and carry in Sweden a 3 year factory warranty . EBR swedish website >>

Mälaren Runt 2014

2014-08-18 Thanks for your visit at the 29th annual “Mälaren Runt” run at Gröndal Motorstadion, outside Eskilstuna. NCCR Highlight 2014  was the first info, that Erik Buell Racing is now back at the swedish market. It was also a big interest about our Wilbers suspension and the NCCR Caféracer parts. See you next year again!

Norrtälje Custombike Show

2014-06-07 Big thanks to Norrtelje Twinclub for a perfect organized 40th Custom Bike Show. So many great motorcycles. >>>

Thanks to all friends and customers who visited our stand. NCCR Team, Birgit, Julia, Marlyn, Pär and Jens. Congratulations to the winners! Avgassystem

2014-06-01 Since more then 60 years, the family operated IXIL company is building top quality exhaust systems in the heart of Barcelone / Spanien. With the experience of 2 generations and a decicated team of engineesrs, IXIL manufactures their exhausts for road and race up to the highest levels of motorsport.  IXIL and TAKKONI, good quality and good prices. Read more on the swedish Website>>> Bromsdelar

2014-05-27 BRAKING brake components are made in Italy. Highest quality in construction and production process  makes BRAKING to one of the leaders in the industry. All BRAKING components, except the race parts, are e-approved and road legal. BRAKING -Power under control. More info´s on the swedish BRAKING Homepage >>>

New Caféracer Exhausts in black & chrome

2014-04-05 The new Caferacer exhausts are finally in the webshop, soon coming more great stuff to build your Caféracer and Custombike. Stay tuned for more Caféracer Specials!
New Ton-up Muffler Black & Chrome, THE Megaphone, Conical Smooth, Scrambler Oval Conical and more you find here  >>>

Wilbers Suspension Manufaktur since 1985

2014-01-07 It was time for a new suspension brand in Sweden. Since 1985  WILBERS is manufacturing in Germany suspension parts for more then 1000 motorcycle models. From the  60th ”Twin Shocks” to the newest electronic operated shocksystems. All suspension parts are produced and delivered  without extra costs,  taylormade for riders weight, ridingstyle and rideheight . More:

Tanne säger: God Jul!

2013-12-24 Tanne says:  Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2014 till to all our friends and customers! Also from Team NCCR in Delsbo / Sweden. We will use the time to build up an adittional website for a new brand we overtook the sales for Sweden. Stay tuned, great ne parts coming in January!

Vi ses!

2013-08-05 Next stop Mälaren Runt. Meet us there, we will have M-TeK CNC ported cylinderheads for H-D Twincams and Motogadget finest instruments and electronic gadgets for your custombuild on display. Also with us the NCCR Hardtai Tracksterl project  with our H2H frame. All info about the event at MCM website >>>

H2H Frame by NCCR

2013-06-06 At Norrtälje we presented for the first time our H2H Hardtail frame with a suspension seat. It is available from now on as an option and comes in bare metal or ready powdercoated with leather in brown or black. The seat you can have of course also as a custompart for your project. The height is variable by different spacers. We took a photoshooting of the rolling chassis with the raw metal frame to give you an impression what your own project could lookalike Here is the picture gallery >>>

New Flyer PDF online

2013-06-05 Now our new flyers are also online available as PDF for download and print out if you like.They are about LSL Caféracer parts, Motogadget Instruments, our Light stuff , the H2H frame and brand new our CNC ported cylinderheads for H-D Twin cam. Of course if you call or eMail uzs we sent them over. Here you find the flyers >>>

See you at Norrtälje Custumbikeshow!

2013-05-18 Meet us at the 2013 Custombikeshow at Norrtälje. Scandinavias Nr. 1 event organized by Norrtelje Twin Club offers also on it´s 39. issue great bikes, music and people. In the park hundreds of great Custombikes, on stage great acts like Bonnafide, Corroded and many more. You will find us in the exhibitors area on the parking lot. We will have great new stuff on display, WELCOME!

Motogadget m-blaze ICE

2013-05-16 Cool as hell, new motogadget m-blaze ICE. After the full glas m-blaze Cone for the hadlebar ends, motogadget launched now a blinker for all around use. A unique clear and extra cool design meets the outstanding quality of all motogadget parts. Of course the blinker feature state of the art latest LED technic and is proofed for road legality. More in our webshop >>>

Frames for Buell engines

2013-05-08 We delivered now the first of our H2H frames. These frames are made to accept engine, wheels and suspension parts from the Buell XB models. But in general we can build it for all HD and Buell unit V-Twin engines with gearbox and crankshaft in the same enginecase, back to the old iron heads. Also available now a version with a suspension seat. Read more about the H2H frame >>>


2013-04-24 LSL gave the Honda CB 1100 what was missing to make it a real Classic. Beside the expected parts like levers, handlebar, footpegs and crashprotection, the LSL team developed also an more traditional designed seat, alumnium front- and rearfenders and to top it, a set of real spokewheels. Contact us for further informations, a first teaser and some pictures in the LSL News PDF >>>

Triumph Speedo cover and sprt grips

2013-04-04 We got some great new parts from LSL. They developed some push over covers to cover the cheap looking original plastic Speedo- and Tachometer of the Triumph models. They come in polished aluminium and are available as a pair or single. Also new, the Sport handlebar grips in a very good quality and design including a groove for the security lockwire. Here they are >>>

Caféracer Specials

2013-02-18 We started now an extra section in our webshop for hard to find parts called “Caféracer Specials”. Here you get stylish seats and tailsections, fairings and other cool stuff at one place. This is also the section to look for aluminium fueltanks and we added there the universal aluminium front- and rearfenders and some unique matching light parts, too. Have a look at great news at  the “Caféracer Specials” >>>

Orsa Icespeed 2013

2013-02-16 NCCR started in 2006 to do serious research with motorcycles on ice, regarding stunting and going real high speeds. So our answer was of course YES!, when Thomas Weigl from W&W Cycles Germany asked us to back up him and the Wrecking Crew Team with our tire experiences to bring their S&S equipped 4-speed Sportster project “Big Boar” at the Orsa speed trials on the ice. Great fun to be back on the ice and a good result. Read the story here >>>

David "Dabba" Hjulfors Stuntrider

2013-02-07 David “Dabba” Hjulfors is a young talented Stuntrider from Finland, NCCR decided to support in 2013. First thing was to gear up his stuntbike with a set of serious NCCR studded icetyres. The feedback from him was very positive and we are very happy to follow his progress by learning to control the bike on the ice. Check out his pictures and videos on facebook and his website >>>

W&W Dealer now

2013-02-04 NCCR is very happy to announce that we are from now on W&W dealers. W&W is an outstanding source for real cool parts, not only for your American Iron build, and an iconic supplier of the good stuff. We will have soon a first selection of parts in our webshop. The new catalog “It´s all true” you can order direct from W&W or from us. Welcome to have a look in it at our shop in Knaggälve as well.


2013-02-01 You like to show your bike to others in the internet? We just started, our showbox for customized bikes. No forum, no judging, no bullshit talking. Just a cool place to tell the story of your build and share pics of your bike with other enthusiasts . Check it out >>>

Tack för besöket!

2013-01-28 Thanks to all of you who visited us at MC-mässan 2013 in Stockholm. We had many good talks about our parts and bikes. Our inhouse developed and produced new Caferacerseat for the Kawasaki W 800 was a real success, thanks for that. Also for your interests about LSL and Motogadget parts. Stay tuned for more new good stuff for Caféracers and US Bikes.


2013-01-03 Our airpressure gauge is a real succes after it got featured in the actueil MCnytt and in Husbil-Husvagn magazine. So we were able to reduce the price of this very practical little item now to 189 SEK.

Here it is in the webshop >>>

Tack för 2012 !

2012-12-24 Merry Christmas and a great year 2013, wishes Team NCCR with Birgit, Julia, Pär, Per och Jens.

Thank you for a succesful 2012. See you in the new year!

Soon is X-mas

2012-11-27 Soon we have Christmas. Check out NCCR´s Advent calendar in the internet. There is a special offer each day in December with extra prices and special values.

But notice! First door you can open at December first. Here is the calendar >>>

Oilservice Kits

2012-11-22 Now we stock MOTUL oil and chemicals.Our quality Servicekits offering a great extra value with an oilfilter and other useful stuff. They include all you need to change the oil on your MC, ATV or snowmobile. At our MOTUL Performance Servicekits we also add a oilpan and filler equipment. This kit you also find for 149 SEK in our Garage  webshop for sale. So if you like to save money, check out the MOTUL Servicekits >>>

LSL Video

2012-10-31 A very cool video not only for all the friends of Triumph Scramblers with music from Jimmy Cornett. LSL Motorradtechnik prepared 4 of these bikes for a trip through the Pyrenees. There, somwere between the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, between France and Spain, that guys found out what it is all about bikes, weather and the freedom of the ultimate ride >>>

99 Kronor

2012-10-29 Now we lowered our freight costs for inner Sweden to 99 SEK. And if you order for 2000 SEK or more we give you free delivery for your parts . We offer many new interesting and cool parts for customizing, tuning and maitenance in our webshop >>>

NCCR online

2012-09-21 Finally our new website is online. Mainly focus was to develop a better navigation and a more direct acces to the now more than 150.000 MC & ATV parts we offer. Search online in catalogs, like Moose, Drag Specialities and other great brands offered from Parts Unlimited and order with their articlenumbers online. We also extended our webshop with many aditional fair priced  parts for Classics and Caféracers from the 60th till today. NCCR is now also on facebook, thanks for liking us >>>

Britten VR 1000

2012-09-10 There is today a tendency to overdo things that are less important, simply to follow mainstream convention. That’s eating up our resources and preventing real innovation. Pushing the limit means doing your own thing. Here are some words and pics about the Britten VR 1000 last year at Sollentuna MC Collection. Full story here >>>

1" Clip on black

2012-08-22 Now you can order the LSL 1” Clip on handlebars also in black for your Harley-Davidson or Triumph with the 1” handlebarsize. Silver / black mix is also available on request as well as extra anodizing colors. LSL Clip on´s are available for the most fork diameters and af course also in 22mm. Now in our webshop >>>

m-button CANbus interface

2012-08-11 A small part change the world of motorcycle electrics dramatically. The Motogadget m-unit brainbox was anyhow a revolution, but this new small gadget will change everything. With the m-unit V2, motogadget announce the m-button, a CAN-bus interface. Learn more how to realize a complete pushbutton handlebar installation on your Custombike with just 3 cables (!) between the m-unit and your handlebars >>>


2012-07-29 It is one of the most iconic brands of the motorcycle industry.Yoshimura procucts are a synonym for power, precision and quality at highest levels of Motorsport. The complete range of products, including the legendary exhaust full systems and slipons you find now in the NCCR webshop. Welcome to explore the world of Yoshimura >>>


2012-07-22 NCCR developed the H2H frame for the MCnytt bikebuilders contest winning Cerberus Custombike. The frame is constructed for the Buell XB engines and is a great start for your individual, powerful  V-Twin custombike, it has pass the SFRO and you can use also the Buell wheels and fork if you like. We take now pre-orders for the first batch of frames we will start to manufacture soon. Read more >>>


2012-07-14 ATV and Quads gettin more and more into the focus as sport utilities but also as work machines at the farm and in the forest. We had our first experiences with working ATV last year when we developed the ski solution for trailer conversions and so we decided to offer the full range from service to aftermarket parts. Beside the parts we had already in our webshop we a very happy to anounce that we offer the complete program from MOOSE and Parts unlimited. Check our ATV online catalogs here >>>

Hellbender Buell

2012-06-27 We bundled the sales of Buellparts now at The main parts stock is in Germany because there is the most business. You can order parts from us as well, but on more expensive parts you benefit, depending were you are located, from the 19% VAT in Germany. We still run a big stock of parts here in Sweden, so if you need something for your Buell from 1996 till 2010 let us know. All parts, except the used ones, you find in the international webshop >>>


2012-05-03 Ready for the start of the season we added another 12.000 maitenance parts for bikes from today till back into the 60th to our webshop. You find a huge selection of chainkits and sprockets. Also we added many parts, like ignition locks, starters, rotors and ignition parts to keep your Youngtimer running or to be able to supply you with parts for your Caféracer build. We think there is nobody in Sweden who offer a bigger selection of maitenance parts for the older japanese bikes >>>


2012-04-12 Motogadget came out with a very nice new bar end blinker new a new patent pended LED and clear glass technic. The m-blaze cone is looking like an ice- or cristal cube and they will add an outstanding look to your bike. Best design and best technology mets at Motogadget products. Read more in our shop >>>

Video MCN LSL Bikes

23-01-2012 tested the LSL Projektbikes at the factory in Germany. Have some fun viewing this video how design, craftmansship and german precision work coming together to outstanding products for your bike. Also in the video some of the great instruments from Motogadget! Here´s the video

LSL 1 Inch Handlebars

18-01-2012 LSL Aluminium Handlebars for Harley-Davidson and other bikes with 1” diameter handles. LSL produce as the only manufacturer since years clipons in 1”. Now also a collection of 5 different Superbike and Flattracker handlebars in Aluminium is available. They have 4,5mm wallsize and come in a black or silver matt (flat) finish or in polished gold. Fits Harley and new Trimph Bonneville and Thruxton models and all other bikes that have a 1” clamp and handles. NEW in our shop


12-01-2012 NEW! Skidor för Släpvagnskonvertering. If you use a trackconverted Quad, here is the solution to use from now on your trailer behind it with our brandnew developed, Mountain Range Brand, sledgeconversion kit. New at your dealer. Read more >>>


23-12-2011 God Jul and Merry Christmas! Have a happy new year 2012  and a great time. We will also in 2012 looking forward to find and develop good parts for bikes. There comes something new up for Quads, stayed tunded. Your NCCR Team in Delsbo/Sweden.

New prices!

18-02-2011 Thanks to the strong swedish krona NCCR AB reduced all prices 15%. The trend started last year and we decided to give it complete to our customers. Special with the todays high costs of top quality Motorcycle parts everybody is very happy to save some money. So from now on all prices in our webshop are 15% reduced.

BF Akku

20-02-2011 If you like hightec and light stuff you will go crazy for these Lithium Ion Accu´s. Bikefire in Germany placed topquality industrial cells into a carbonshell. Three different sizes from 475 gramm and 70/120 Amp (BF 3000), 850 gramm,140 / 240 Amp (BF 5000) and 1300 gramm with 210 / 360 Amp. Check more out in the shop >>>

The Cerberus Project

02-02-2011 NCCR in collaboration with took the victory at the 2011 MCnytt Bikebuildercontest at the Stockholm mässan with the project CERBERUS. It is a Buell and NOS powered powercruiser with a superlight chassis and a powerful engine. There a loads of new and exciting parts to find, have a closer look here >>>


18-12-2010 Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2011 to all our friends and customers. We are very busy this days after we launched with the Pegasusraceteam the Typhon project. Now we are working on something very different.... Meet us at the “på 2 hjul” at the Stockholm mässan from 27th - 30 th of January 2011.

Eyebrow LED Light

12-09-2010 LED technic goes frontlight. After we gettin used with LED´s on cars, now they come to the bikes. Check out our new daylight LED clusters that eybrow your Honda CBR 1000. Also the first LED Highbeam LED clusterlight is now available in the webshop >>>

Erik Buell

15-08-2010 Pegasusracetam had a very succesful season with more victories on the Erik Buell Racing 1190 RR-B. Time to celebrate the Pegasus Buell Experience 2010 at he Biketoberfest at the Oschersleben Racetrack. The Team worked out a great progamm with Tracktime, Party and Erik Buell as special Guest >>>

New Oldschool & HD Lights

02-08-2010 There are some very nice new LED Taillights coming in. It´s the classic “STOP” light  whith white or red lens. Also new, a very cool “Batesstyle” rearlight with bracket, coming in different colors. At least, we have now also in H-D OEM style LED rearlights for V-Rod and the Twins. Have a look on that very cool new stuff >>>

Buell 1190 RR podium

06-06-2010 Another Sound of Thunder victory at the 2010 Ducati Clubraces in Assen for Harald Kitsch and the NCCR supported Pegasusraceteam. In a complicated raceweekend the team took a 1st and a 3rd on the two races on the Assen TT course and is leading the championship with 100 of 100 possible points! More >>>

LSL Twin Match BMW S 1000 RR

20-05-2010 LSL´s  brandnew Clipondesign: The TwinMatch split the clamping function into two brackets - one above and one below the top yoke - now you can position the handles comfortably for the rider without cutting the fairing. BMW new topselling Sportbike S 1000 RR is the first bike LSL will make this new patent pended solution available for >>>

HD unit Motogadget

11-05-2010 Motogadget new plug and play module for H-D Bigtwins. No more crimping, no more cablenightmares, no more crazy high work- shopbills. Save money, time and work! Complete kits ready to plug into the OEM harness than connect the motogadget speedometer, thats it. We offer different bundles, have a look on our motogadget H-D bundle configuration infosite or check out  the webshop for prices >>>

Sound of Thunder victory

04-05-2010 Pegasusraceteam is also in 2010 supported by NCCR. Now the Team is competing with the brandnew Erik-Buell-Racing 1190 RR-B Superbike, the first Buell of the “after H-D” production. The Team directly took a double victory in the 2010 Sound of Thunder. Check out the raceteams website including the victory video >>>

BMW S 1000 RR Ilmberger Carbon

22-04-2010 Ilmberger is located in Munich / Germany, so maybe not a big surprise that they had the new BMW S 1000 RR Superbike early enough to have a complete range of Carbonparts for this bike ready now. If you choose road ar race applications, you always get the best carbon quality of the industry coated with the unique clearcoating to protect the great finish of your invest. In the webshop now >>>

Streamline Tiny new cup

09-04-2010 Motogadet added another Streamline housing to the deliverylist. Similar to the big version now a smaller cup for the Tinyseries is available. It comes with 7/8 (22mm) or 1” handlebarclamp in polished or black coated aluminium. The black version you can order also “grooved” with some extra millings. To combinate with the Tiny Vintage a solid brass cup is new. More in the NCCR webshop >>>


27-03-2010 LSL developed now also for the BMW S 1000 RR the 2-slide footpegkit in CNC made aircraft aluminium top quality. Personalize your seatposition with this multiadjustable system. The kit is available for bikes with or without ABS and Quickshifter, also reverseshift pattern you can order. There is more for the S 1000 RR, LSL also supply crashpads for frame and axles as well as multi adjustable clutch- and brakelevers. Find out more >>>

New fenders

17-03-2010 for our Buell customers we manufacture now  2 new frontfenders. First is a remake of the original old Tubeframer frontfender with USD fork in fiberglas. The OEM often gettin cracks and break. So if you own a S1, S3 or X1 here is the fender. For the XB or the 1125 R / CR with the ZTL or ZTL² perimeterbrake we developed the first airscoop in 2003 and used them in different shapes since than succesful in roadracing. Now we designed a integrated scoop to give extra cooling air to the brakerotor. A real benefit for your ride and it add a extra cool look for your cultbike from East Troy. >>>

LSL Warbird

08-01-2010 "The TL-675 Warbird is our dream spec for a fast, agile road bike" wrote MCM / UK about the 2010  LSL Triumph projectbike... -and they hit the nail! Joachim Schmitz-Linkweiler, founder and chiefdesigner at LSL, once again, following his idea of “making good bikes perfect”, brought a bike designwise to the point. LSL builded a high dynamic naked bike, what proofes that also a modern bike can tell a good old exciting story.  Here some more pics >>>

In black or silver

05-01-2010 We hope you all had a wonderful start in the new year. Weather outside is more for playing with the snowmobile than for thinking about the bike, but season will be sooner starting than expected, as we all know. So here is a nice new part from LSL called:  ”The Brakebox”. Available in black and silver comes here a real cool designed and TÜV proofed brake- or clutch hydraulicfluid reservoir what is CNC made with a controlwindow. Comes with bracket for the most bikes, for Honda and KTM we supply a special bracket. More >>>

God Jul 2009!

22-12-2009 God Jul! Merry Christmas! Frohe Weihnachten! and a Happy New Year 2010 to all our friends and customers. NCCR and our suppliers are working on a lot of nice and cool stuff for the upcoming season. Stay alert, there is coming up also soon the new platform for parts around the bikes from East Troy. Meanwhile take the time and have some wonderful days with your families and friends and celebrate Christmas and the upcoming new Year. NCCR is full in charge over the days, so if you have some questions ask Santa >>>


15-12-2009 LSL offers with the “2-slide” adjustable footpegs a system for many modern Superbikes. With 2 slide the rider is able to personalize the seatposition in many ways. All components are made out of finest aircraft aluminium on CNC machines and they come in a strong anodised finish. Read more about LSL 2-slide >>>

Monster 696 Ilmberger Carbon

01-12-2009 Ilmberger Carbon, maker of motorcycle industry finest carbonfiberparts, launched new parts  for BMW HP2, HPE, the K 1300 R & S and the new Boxer. The Ducatirange include now Monster 696 / 1100 and the new Streetfighter. The range is completed by parts for Honda CBR 1000, Suzuki GSXR and the some parts for Kawasaki ZX 10. If quality counts Ilmberger is first choice >>>

HPE High Performance Exhausts

30-11-2009 The complete range of HPE Exhaust is now updated in our webshop. HPE is making top quality exhaustsystems for road and race for a very long time. They are specialized on bikes like Buell,  BMW, MV Agusta, some others and of course Ducati. HPE offer slip-ons and complete systems for road and track in different materials and designs, like that 4-4 underseatsystems for the BMW K-models. More >>

Motogadget Chrono

20-11-2009 NCCR is the swedish Motogadget importer. Best quality electronic tacho- and speedometers, outstanding in size and design, made in Germany. Intelligent engineered solutions for your bikeproject, like the m-unit the brain of your custombike, CAN - adapters for H-D, the sureshift gearindicator with shiftlight included and many other parts you find only from Motogadget. Read more >>

"All in one" Ord. Nr. 80155

18-10-2009 We got a bunch of new Lightning parts in our webshop. Friendly priced clearglas LED Taillights new BMW, Ducati and Japs, e-marked like nearly all NCCR Customlightz and some more “All in one” taillight/blinker combinations were you dont need an taillight any more. The front indicators come with positionlight! Also some new Custom frontlights in aluminium with clearglasreflector. More >>

Buell Racing

28-09-2009 NCCR powered took at german Biketoberfest the podium. Harald Kitsch on the Buell 1125R took 2 x 2nd and 23 year old former Supermoto Pro Jessica Baruth finished 7th and 5th. NCCR developed the new Racebodywork for the Bikes and support the Team with Technologies and Services. More >>>


23-07-2009 NCCR offer now a special range of Crashparts for actueil (and some older) Sportbikes. You find all parts in OEM standard, like very economical priced ABS plastic fairingparts,  aftermarket fairing brackets in casted aluminium and for some models also water and oilcoolers. Parts are now available in the NCCR webshop >>>


15-06-2009 Here we go! For our Buell and Harley-Davidson customers we offer Drive- and Primarybelts from Panther, Gates and Good Year in OEM Quality for real special prices. It´s an all time thing, not an time limited special offer. So if you need a new Belt for your Harley-Davidson (incl. V-Rod) Buell S1, M2, X1 or XB check out our Beltdiscount >>>


19-05-2009 This year we celebrated on our anual Open House the welcome of the “Comete” Dragbike on the roof of our shopbuilding. Thanks for all who visit us on this day and had some Drinks, Hot-dogs and Coffee with us. Also first time on display the NCCR hardtailframe coming up next winter. Open House  >>>

craig jones & NCCr on the ice

05-05-2009 This must be the motorcycle speedrecord on ice. Craig Jones and NCCR pushed a NOS powered Buell 1125R on the ice of the swedish lake Dellen on a Topspeed of 238 km/h. Read the story behind, have a look in the photo gallery and watch the video >>>


27-04-2009 To offer our Harley-Davidson customers a wider range of parts for their customizing projects, NCCR is now Motorcycle Storehouse Dealer. 30.000 parts from Paugho, Penz, Rebuffini, etc. in- cluding HD vintage parts. Order the new 1280 page catalog >>>

Oldschool Taillight

20-04-2009 Have a look on this nice 56 mm diameter oldschool LED taillight. It combinate the traditionell look with a safe and bright light together with the low power consumption of an LED light. It comes with an rubber underlayer ready to assemble. Here you find it >>>

Speglar / Mirrors

11-04-2009 NCCR is now also with some first customizing mirrors online. They are small and cool, and they are very moderat priced. The barendmirrors we offer also in a economic package together with a pair of barend aluminium weights. Check out more >>>


06-04-2009 LSL launched a complete series of brandnew aftermarket tuningparts to inividualize your 2009 Suzuki GSX-R. There´s a real cool new upper triple in combination with a LSL Fatbar, Crashballs, Mirrors and footpegs for rider and passenger. Soon more in our webshop >>>

MAS Aluminiumparts

30-03-2009 Caféracer rulez! MAS Engineering produce the coolest Aluminium bodypanels! Your Triumph or Harley-Davidson get the real authentic look to make the trip to the Ace Café. Also available for other brands, now new in our webshop. Read more >>>

Buellparts Stocklist

24-03-2009 Our Buell special stockinglist is online. We have a lot of used and also some older new Buell OEM- and Tuningparts in stock. Some really rare items, like polished PM wheels and original X1 Race ECM´s.  Contact us for other parts or support. Here is the list >>>

LED rear

19-03-2009 From very small to very big. Maybe Scandinavias largest programm in bike lights. Blinkers, Taillights, Frontlamps, Halogen, LED, normal lights -we have them all for fair prices. Most of them TÜV approved and e-marked. Check it out >>>

1125 Undertray

5-03-2009 The taillight of the Buell 1125 series is, friendly spoken, not an award winning styleicon. We changed that. The new NCCR Twintail fiberglas undertray carry with its double nightglow LED taillight a clear message: Here the Twin comes! Now fresh in our webshop >>>

New LSL Crashpad

23-02-2009 Making good bikes perfect. LSL is celebrating 25 years of great ideas around the motorcycle. Following that mission, LSL launched now a new generation of crashpads. The new design make the slidingphase again more stabil. Learn more >>>

Rickard Rehnberg

17-2-2009 Cool Bikes need a cool presentation. We filmed in an old ironwork, thanks to Iggesunds Paperboard and Karl-Gunnar Karlsson. Video. One of the best filmproducers in the North for motor&action is Rickard Rehnberg with his company Agasam Film >>>

Ilmberger Carbon

11-02-2009 Julius Ilmberger is a maniac when it comes on carbon and quality. All parts are 100% carbon without any hided layers of cheap fiberglas. They come with an unique clear coating offering the highest quality surface of the industry. Ilmberger Carbon in our Webshop >>>


9-02-2009 Worldcrises, less money in the pocket, all gettin more expensive. Special the prices for Harleyparts rising and rising in the last years.  We hear you! NCCR is now also Bikelinedealer. The full Bikeline programm from mid of April in our webshop >>>

Buell XB Bad to the Bones

03-02-2009 From the founders of “Bad to the Bones” the all new Buell XB Custombike. More than 20 total fresh customparts turn the XB in a real Hot Rod. The bikeproject was also used to prototype a new handlebar and exhaust. Read more >>> 



Redline stock

30-01-2009 In top technology we trust. Our experience on the racetrack let us choose also for the street  Redline Synthetic Oils and Chemicals. If  performance is your ride, Redline is your brand. We stock the full programm and offer it also in our webshop >>>


25-01-2009 When our friend Henning from swedish Bikemagazin MCnytt ask us if we like to compete at the 2009 Bike Builders Trophy on the MC Mässan in Stockholm, we say in a second YES! The making of the  “Boulevardtracker” tooks some days more >>>

Merry Xmas

24-12-2008 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to our friends and customers. We will use the silent time to prepare some projects for the year 2009. Stay tuned, there will coming up hot bikes, new parts and cool action -in the meaning of the word......


14-12-2008 Roffesprogramm now at NCCR. Roffes started in 1943 to selling MC and parts. They are the number one supplier for parts fitting the early japanese Bikes, but also for english Triumph and BSA. Roffes offer Harleyparts as well, mainly parts for service and rebuilding.

Delsbo Cruising

2-08-2008 Thanks all friends and customers who visited our shop at the anual Delsbo Cruising. Next year better weather. (-:


We deliver batteries in any sizes and technology. With Svenska Batterilagret we are able to have overnight, latest after 2 days, any battery here in our shop.We deliver at  competitve prices a wide range of patterns and qualities. More >>>

LSL Race

09-08-2008 The LSL Enduranceracetteam took 3 rd place at the 8h of Oschersleben FIM Worlchampianship  Endurancerace. Congratulations!


30-05-2008 Zodiac is the premier supplier for Performanceparts fitting the US Twins. Topbrands like S&S, Baker, mm deliver best quality and a wide range of parts. We also offer the Twin approved mineral Oils from Spectro. Read more and find the catalog online here >>>

Opening 2008

24-05-2008 NCCR starts with opening a shop at the mainstreet of Delsbo in the swedish Hälsingland. As an on internet sales focused company the location is mainly used as office and to serve the local bikers with serviceparts like oil, sparkplugs , filters, we always hold in stock.


Lithium Ion batteries & charges in our webshop now!



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