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Orsa Icespeed 2013

W&W Cycles  asked NCCR to support the Wrecking Crew and rider Thomas Weigl with our studded tyres at the 2013 ice speed weekend on the frozen lake at Orsa / Sweden. It was a challenge but at the end we got the second fastest time of that class and rode the fastest time of all Harleys at the event.



Britten VR 1000 at Stockholm

When the legendary Britten VR 1000 was on display at the MC Collection in Stockholm it was no question to go there to have a closer look and a little chat with somebody who was involved in the making and racing of this icon of motorcycle building. Here the text and the pictures we published earlier at our friend Wes at his great MC platform Hellforleather magazine.



Buell Extreme Stuntrider Craig Jones

238 km/h on ice? Buell extreme stuntrider Craig Jones in collaboration with NCCR have made it! Rider, Team and the NOS powered Buell 1125R had to fight a real challenge because mother nature made it a bit difficult for us. But finally we got 238,00 and many nice pictures and videomaterial.



NCCR Bikeprojects

Here you find some of our projectbikes. Read more about the storys behind and the making of. Have a look on the photo galleries and watch our videos. A very nice one we produced at Iggesund ironworks mixed with some old materials from the 50th about the Boulveardtracker and the Bad to the Bones Bike.



Kustom Worx Garage

Customizing made easy. Its only yours when you build it! We tell you how it works, how to plan and build your own unique customproject. Vol. I-III. is online now!

Oh, ja -and the parts you find in our webshop (-;